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Colleen Blake

Colleen Blake is a San Francisco Bay Area native and enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and their three daughters. Leveraging her 20+ years of diverse experience across HR, IT, Marketing, Services, and Product, Colleen is a tech executive who has helped companies create outstanding experiences for its employees and customers. From large public companies to small start-ups, Colleen enjoys connecting people, process and technology.

Eric Quick

Eric Quick is a dad of two kids and is currently the Cofounder & CEO of PocketCFO, PBC a financial insights platform for small and medium businesses that employs and professionally elevates minority, women and neuro-diverse individuals in FinTech. He’s also an Investor & CEO of The Town Kitchen, PBC, a purpose driven food technology company focused on food delivery and supply chain. Eric has spent the last fourteen years working in early-stage companies, attempting to balance the art of being present when at home while juggling the demands of running multiple companies. 


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